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Marketing for Medium Sized Businesses

Have you come to a point in your business where your growth has levelled out? You may have achieved success on a small scale but struggling with a strategy to up-level and take your business and your income to the next stage. If you recognise this problem, you are not alone. We work with many entrepreneurs who feel like they have hit a glass ceiling and can’t seem to move forward.

Some of the more astute of these business owners recognise the problem; their marketing plan is no longer fit for service!

When you start out in your business the objectives and strategy of your marketing plan should be unique to your company and your vision, but as you have grown over the years these will have changed. Sticking to the old way’s stunts further growth and won’t allow your evolving goals to be realised.

Understanding Growth

Understanding Growth

We understand the process that a business goes through as it grows. We know how to support and facilitate growth in a way that is in alignment with your ambitious vision. But we also understand your business is unique, what works for one business might not work for you. Don't expect generic marketing plans when you come to us, here at Bull Solutions we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service.

We are passionate about marketing and allowing our clients to achieve their goals. It gives us such great pleasure when we see their success and this drives us forward to keep doing what we do well. Our clients represent many different industries and they all have success stories to share.

Marketing strategies designed with start-ups and small businesses in mind

A Flexible Approach

When middle sized businesses approach us to work with them on a consultancy basis we firstly organise and initial consultation. This allows us to really understand your business, your ideas for growth and your ideal client. We also need to know what you already have in place as your marketing plan so that we can ascertain where you need to develop.

From branding, design and websites to SEO support and video creation, Bull Solutions provides a range of innovative and exciting services that can be utilised to suit your business needs.

What is more valuable though is having outside, expert eyes look at your business and your marketing from an overall perspective. Your clients want to see a clear and consistent message across all of your platforms, this can be hard to achieve when you don't have a strong and clear strategy in place. Bull Solutions can be those eyes.

Our consultancy service is flexible, we can be hired on an hourly rate, for the day or alternatively for the creation and/or implementation of a strategy. 

Take a look at our specific services which can be tailored for your business by clicking here.

Katie gives clear and sensible marketing advice, with no nonsense, and focuses on activities which are appropriate for all business, regardless of budget.

Dean Adams, Need Words


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