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Why we love SEO

By Marketing Team
Thursday, January 6, 2022

Search Engine Optimisation can be a tricky concept for some, particularly for those that are not ‘digitally-savvy’ and it can be scary to some small businesses who are just starting out into the world of online / digital marketing. Perhaps you’ve been working on a new website launch, a big project and now you have to get your head around a whole new digital concept.

SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic as well as building exposure and awareness of your brand through non-paid search engine results. This is also known as “organic” search results

SEO is one of our favourite marketing services on offer here at Bull Solutions and we wanted to share why we love it so much, so hopefully you can love the results too! Here are our top 10 reasons:

1. Accountability

Tracking the activity makes everyone accountable involved in SEO work, from building links or using keyword best practices, you can use traffic tracking tools to help measure the work you’re putting in on increasing those organic visits.

2. Timing

SEO activity is never too late to start, that’s the beauty of it! Whether you’re working with a brand new website or it’s been around for a while, you can start when you’re ready to grow your website traffic. SEO maintenance is a constant practice so good monitoring is key to be able to adjust keywords and keep an eye on those pesky competitors.

3. Evolution

SEO is a constantly changing entity. Nobody ever really knows Google’s algorithms and how they prioritise content for ranking.SEO never stands still. It’s fun to keep us on our toes! User behaviour changes a lot and often too so it’s a very interesting challenge.

4. Growth

This might be our favourite reason of all! Growing traffic for our clients so they are able to smash their goals and hit desired results is our bread and butter. Witnessing our clients become more profitable and thrive through activity we’ve implemented is extremely satisfying!

5. Diversity

SEO can set a trend within your business and even form part of your overall business strategy. It’s cross-functional, supporting PR, social media, commercial, website coders, decision makers and content producers. It really is crucial to the structure of your marketing plans.

6. Creativity

Creating eye-popping content and being clever with your keywords and language can lead to some very interesting brainstorming sessions here at Bull! There is always room for creativity whatever sort of brand you might be working with.

7. Value

Seeing the value of SEO is really simple; “pizza delivery in Cardiff” should see you appear in the top search results. If you don’t have a good SEO strategy then you won’t appear. Sometimes, that’s really as simple as it gets.

8. Digital

One of the most easily remote services available within the digital world. A computer, good internet connection and a cuppa is all you need.

9. Education

The SEO community is constantly learning with every changing goal-posts, you can’t sit still. SEO sees constant Google updates, new tools, new techniques spread across various mediums and can often be trial and error. There are lots of lessons to learn and there always will be, so it’s important to stay on top of them.

10. Skill

It’s a very clever skill to possess that requires time, patience, creativity, adaptability and keeping your finger on the pulse. We’d like to think we’re pretty good at it and we’ve got lots of SEO clients who would be willing to share their experiences with you - just ask!


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