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The Top Christmas TV Adverts in 2020

By Marketing Team
Monday, November 30, 2020


It’s become a phenomenon in Britain that we wait with baited breath every year for John Lewis to release their award-winning Christmas advert so we can pull it to pieces or swoon over how cute and sad it is.

This year was no different and perhaps even more interest generated with the added challenge of being Covid-19 friendly.

Here’s our two penny’s worth on the top ads this Christmas.

1.     John Lewis – Give A Little Love

Let’s start with the obvious. Surely always a winner whether you love it or hate it, it gets people talking that’s for sure. Give A Little Love focuses on the need for kindness this year and not the need to purchase gifts. It follows a series of people in different kindness situations and this message carries through into some of their smaller TV ads and social media posts.



We think John Lewis read the nation’s feelings very well this year about spreading love and kindness (despite the online debate about getting the wrong bus number to Tooting!). What do you think?


2.     McDonald’s – Inner Child

This one is a tear jerker for anyone that has kids that are growing up too quickly! Maybe they’ve stopped believing in Santa and reindeer and they’re tired of the silly Christmas traditions.



We think this one hits the mark when pulling the heart strings of parents (particularly Mums). But of course, there is an underlying message that a McDonald’s will fix everything – not sure we agree with that part of the messaging but a successful heart-warming campaign nonetheless.


3.     Lidl – Big on a Christmas you can believe in

Appealing to the more cynical among us, Lidl have done a cracking job taking a pop at their supermarket competitors this year by focusing on a more ‘realistic’ less tear-jerking Christmas. And it might just be the light humour relief that we all need after a tough year.



A particular favourite part is when someone stabs the carrot (a direct dig at Aldi who have their carrot character as the leading hero of Christmas). What other digs did you spot in this one?


4.     Bude Post Office – Christmas Advert

Now for something a little smaller budget. It’s all very well the likes of the large supermarket chains having huge marketing departments and creative teams to put together large-scale adverts to be viewed by millions, but what if you’re a small business or office who wants to make a bit of noise this Christmas. Bude Post Office has done just that with their version of a very moving video.



Something that is sure to touch the hearts of many this Christmas as we plan to spend smaller Christmas celebrations with a smaller number of households. And families who have already had to spend time apart this year due to lockdown restrictions. A great example of a smaller business delivering the goods!


5.     The Pavilion – Share the Magic

Another fantastic example of a low scale video production which touched our hearts. The Pavilion is a small gardening and interiors store with bakery and café in Cork, Ireland and have managing to pull this lovely moment out of the bag with another small budget.



Focussing on the lack of hugs available from family this year, it’s another emotional play for the grandparents this Christmas but focuses quite nicely on their teddy bear product.

So, whether you’ve got cash to splash on a little bit of Christmas advertising this year or a really small budget, creating those magical Christmas posts is still possible!


Which TV ads have been your favourite this year? Or any that you think miss the mark? Tell us on social:

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