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The Network Agency Approach to Out-Sourced Marketing Services

By Katie Bullon
Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Network Agency Approach to Out-Sourced Marketing Services

The traditional Marketing Agency approach provides many marketing services under one roof but there has been a huge shift in marketing in the last decade or two; the growth of the internet and subsequently social media, plus people requiring more flexible working conditions, has changed the way consumers and employees interact with businesses. As a result the concept of the Network Agency has evolved and in this post we will explore how, why and most importantly if the new Network Marketing Agency approach is right for your business.

The Lure of a Traditional Sparkling Agency

In the past the traditional Agencies dominated the market. When a business wanted marketing support they would simply seek the guidance of an Agency that would carefully put together a campaign and adapt it for TV, radio and print.

As the industry has transformed, many of those Agencies didn’t adapt their services to meet the needs of their clients and have gone out of business. Those that remain have managed to develop and grow and some still provide a top class, high end marketing service. There is still very much a place in the market for them of course, and they do some great work for certain businesses.

However, these big city sparkly agencies offer this service at a high end price, with high overheads including a large payroll and property costs; to stay afloat, they have to pass these costs onto their clients.

Despite the impressive show, the traditional Agency is a big business and as such they struggle to provide a personal service. With so many clients and so many staff on their books managing it all becomes a bit… faceless.

The truth is, with all the technological and cultural changes there has emerged a new way to do business. People expect more these days and so they should. Thankfully though, there is another option for those who want a more intimate, personalised service but don’t want to sacrifice high quality provision; the Network Marketing Agency.

How Women Have Led the Change

In the last 10 years there has been a huge demand for flexible working environments, especially with regards to employees wanting to work around their family. The marketing industry has a high proportion of women in comparison with other industries so they have been on the front line in this Cultural Revolution. In a naturally forward thinking and innovative environment, the new concepts of how people can work and interact with each other have been developed and embraced.

Women at child bearing age are also those who have the knowledge and experience that clients expect.  The days of a woman having to sacrificing her career to look after her children (or vice versa) are over. Thankfully this knowledge and experience is no longer lost. Women can still contribute and share their expertise through the power of remote working.

A Solution that Benefits Everyone

This is not to suggest that it is just women who work this way, this business model works for everyone, regardless of age or gender. In fact it benefits for everyone:

  • As a marketing professional, working for a remote Network Marketing Agency gives you control over your own workload. You are able to work on projects that you enjoy that utilise your skill set. The flexible working approach means that you can work around your family and other commitments from a location of your choice.
  • From a remote Network Agency perspective, they are able to employ a flexible and experienced team of marketing experts and select the best, most skilled individual for each specific task. This enhances the quality of service experienced by the client.
  • As a client, money is saved on huge payroll and property costs which are not passed onto you. The business model offers a far more bespoke and personal service.

How can a Remote Network Agency Approach Benefit Your Business?

A good Network Agency is solution focused and highly connected. Their role is to create a strategic marketing plan and then put it into action, in a cost effective and personalised way.

A high quality marketing plan isn’t born from just Facebook, a website or an individual advert; the most effective marketing plans are based on a good idea that is translated across both digital and traditional platforms, if required. A Network Agency will work to get into the bones of your business to really understand what is required. They will get to know you personally; they can even act as your plug-in marketing team.

If your customer goes to your Facebook page and reads a leaflet they need to see the same message. Different messages will leave them feeling confused and conflicted about your brand. To persuade them to part with their money, you need to build up their trust in you. They need to believe what you say and this is done by demonstrating your reliability with a consistent approach.

A remote Network Agency can help you to formulate the winning idea that will be central to your marketing campaign and then translate it across many different medias in a skilful, cost effective and personal way.

Bull Solutions – The Remote Network Agency with the personal touch

Taking the best from the Network Agency approach with a complete personalised service and the very best remote hand-picked marketing team, Bull Solutions is able to meet all your marketing needs. Speak to the director, Katie today simply calling her on 07967508366. Alternatively, email her remote team on [email protected], it’s time to take the bull by the horns with Bull Solutions – the personal Network Agency. 

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