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Meet the Team - Technical Support Manager

By Marketing Team
Tuesday, August 24, 2021

A Day in the Life of our Technical Support Manager, Richard Griffin

“Being a part of Bull Solutions for more than a decade has greatly contributed to my growth as a technical support manager. I have gained years and years worth of knowledge and experience from my colleagues and clients. I am grateful for this.  I’d like to share how each day goes for me and how I help keep most technical aspects of the business in order…

Managing servers

The first thing I do when I login to work everyday is to check all our servers to make sure they are all fully operational and that no issues have risen overnight such as abnormal loadings.  Abnormal loading is the main cause of a slow website, slow server, potential hackings and other unwanted issues such as server blacklisting.  These problems can occur due to many different reasons and after many yest of managing servers I have learnt that you cannot be greedy and have too many sites on an individual server.  I have learnt to find a balance between what the server is capable of and what is the most efficient wat to use the server.  We generally have well over 1000 live websites in our care at any one time, so I currently manage a suit of different servers to cater for each websites varying needs. 

Answering tickets

I believe that all tickets should be answered as soon as they arrive and that is why throughout the day I will have the ticket system open permanently.  My current answer rate is 90% of tickets are answered within the first 30 minutes (I’m pretty proud of that statistic!).  I solve the majority of the tickets myself but sometimes if bugs or coding issues are the problem I assign them to our brilliant team of developers.

Handling Domain Names

With over 1000 live sights we manage a vast amount of domain names for our clients and have renewals due almost everyday!  To me, this is a balancing act as the renewals can only be renewed if the client has gone ahead with renewing their website or package.  For this I work closely with Camille, our admin and accounts manager, to make sure the correct clients are renewed in an efficient manner.  If the client for whatever reason has not renewed it is my job to chase them up to make sure they are aware there site is about to expire and needs to be renewed before going offline. 

Managing Email Servers and Efficiency

There are many unforeseen circumstances that can come with having emails and website on the same server.  A common occurrence is when a customer gets their computer hacked and their email account credentials are then in the possession of the hacker.  In many cases the hacker will then use a script to automatically send spam emails – unless this is spotted quickly the whole server can be negatively effected.  Effects can include emails bouncing back or going into spam folders.  Even though these may not sound like problematic situations they are very bad therefore it is vital they do not happen, or if it does happen, to be on the issue instantly and get it resolved asap.  Recently we have been completing moving the last of our email clients from our main server to a new provider host called Yandex – this great email host offers an emailing service very similar to Gmail. 

Assisting Clients

I am lucky to deal with all of our clients directly.  This means I can make all website updates/changes and deal with any issues that arise.  I really enjoy having a good direct relationship with our customers and the customers obviously appreciate it too as we have a very high client retention rate!

 Launching Websites

All website launched across Bull Solutions come through me.  I aim to get all of these sites launched on the same day they are logged.  There are a lot of checks that I carry out before I am happy for a site to go live – I aim to make sure that every site will experience minimal issues when launched.

Supplying dev Sites

We produce development sites before a site goes live so that we can build sites and make edits without it being accessible to the public.  I am to get these sent out across Bull Solutions in good time so that client work can start quickly and efficiently. 

Updating Plugins

Every week, I will allocate myself time to update the plugins on our networks that have had minor updates and I also make sure to communicate to the entire Bull Solutions team.  If some plugins get a major update, then we need to wait for a while as major updates can cause problems with other plugins.  We would usually update the complete network when larger updates are needed on a quiet weekend.  We also use this method if there has been a major WordPress software update.

Maintaining Backups

We have 6 separate servers and all websites on these servers need to have backups in case of major problems within the server or hard disc failure.  This is a really important area of my job and ensures that all sites are kept safe.

Working Closely with the Bull Solutions Team

The reason everything works so well in Bull Solutions is because we have such a good team of people who know their job inside and out.  Whenever I have an issue of any kind I know exactly who I can rely on.  Because of our close working relationship, it guarantees an efficient service for clients who needs issues resolving urgently.  Each day all team members will have job lists for tasks that need to be completed – instead of tasks getting pushed to the bottom of the list, internally we can request tasks be added with a sense of urgency. 

Making Purchases

I handle all purchases for the technical team here at Bull Solutions. I make sure we are purchasing the best solution for our business in a timely and cost effective manner.

Harnessing my DNS Superpower

From ‘A’ records to CNAME records to SPF and DKIM records to web forwarding or even framed redirects, I am very lucky as I have learned just about everything worth knowing about DNS over the years.  Name servers and pointing a domain to a service – I know just about every possible method of setting up domains on most platforms.  This is vital as if you don’t have the correct records in place when you launch a domain or email, then you will probably get problems along the line.  I have set up literally thousands of websites over the years for Bull Solutions and I would have set the DNS on around 90% of those websites.

These are the main tasks that keep my hands full on a daily basis.  Luckily, with years of being a technical support manager, I am able to find ways on how to efficiently juggle all these and provide quality service that our franchisees and customers deserve.”


If you would like to know more about our technical support and have us manage your website, get in touch today!

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