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Meet the Team - Lead Developer

By Marketing Team
Tuesday, August 10, 2021

A day in the life of our Lead Developer, Tyrone Fernandez

“As a lead developer, I always make sure to be flexible, efficient and analytical when it comes to my day-to-day tasks in order to give my full technical support not only to our clients but to my colleagues as well.

I will give you an insight of how my day goes and how I try my best to minimise the constant challenges that come my way…

Flexibility and Organisation is Crucial  

Before I start my day I try to plan ahead.  I will manage my tasks lists and come up with a priority list for the day.  On a good day everything will go as planned, but that very rarely happens!

I do my best to complete as many ticketed tasks as possible within each day, but usually urgent issues will arise and then my day totally changes.  If we have scheduled projects or bespoke work with deadlines I will prioritise them but, I still try to get a few ticketed tasks completed just so my to do list doesn’t pile up.  Being flexible is key to achieving the results that are expected of me.

Analytical Listening in Problem Solving

Everyday is different because I will jump from one ticket to another and no two tickets are the same.  I really enjoy the part where I have to understand each task that needs technical support because I enjoy analysing problems and get a level of satisfaction that comes with the problem solving.

As an example, when handling a support ticket I would try to solve the problem independently by debugging the plugin issues myself.  I do this instead of asking for assistance from the plugin developer because this can usually take more time.  I always try my best to resolve issues quickly and efficiently to keep the waiting time for clients to a minimum (although sometimes debugging can take a long time!).

Always Ready to Help

When it comes to bespoke work and projects I will always try my hardest to create the best design and technical solutions for the clients.  Highlights of my day are when I am able to help clients or colleagues solve technical problems and giving them long term solutions that they can learn to use.  I thrive on new challenges and lending a helping hand which is why I enjoy juggling internal and client support each day.  The most satisfaction comes when I can solve the problems straight away.

For some, my role may seem very challenging and overwhelming but I don’t mind this because I enjoy the sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.  The challenges are always changing and coming to me constantly, to me I don’t see this as overwhelming, I see it as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills.

– Tyrone

If you would like Tyrone to work on a technical project for your business, get in touch today!

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