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Is working at home throughout the Coronavirus pandemic working for you?

By Katie Bullon
Wednesday, June 3, 2020
These are unprecedented times. 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic has seen many employers face no choice but to have their employees work from home.

Those aiming to work, and home school is another topic for another day but for those who are not, the early days can seem somewhat idyllic and restful. A time to multi-task and catch up on housework whilst getting through a full day’s work without having to deal with a lengthy commute or even the office gossip many get easily pulled into.

However, as time goes on (are we now really in week 11 of COVID-19 lockdown/social distancing?!) the novelty of working from home on your sunny patio or comfy armchair can wear off, enthusiasm can wane and communication with both clients and colleagues can lag.

At Bull Solutions we follow a ‘network agency model’ whereby many members of our team often work remotely. This topic was explored in more detail in a long-ago blog posts here. Given our experience and success in this area we wanted to share our learnings and best practice.

Our top tips to successful remote working

1.     Keep self-motivation high when remote working

Motivation is key. It sounds simple but getting dressed and prepared for the day in the same way you would do if you were travelling to an office is vital. Set yourself a start time and make sure you are showered, dressed and had breakfast by that time, ready to start your working day at home.

Time away from your desk at regular intervals is also really important to ensure you remain efficient. You could try having your morning coffee break in the garden, and maybe taking a walk at lunchtime. The fresh air and exercise will increase energy and concentration levels in the afternoon. Also, keep a pint of water on your desk and top it up regularly throughout the day. Hydration will also help motivation!

2.     Be organised to work effectively at home

Setting out the requirements of a working week and scheduling time is just as important to do in the comfort of your own home as when you are in the office. You may not have your boss or your colleagues glancing over your shoulder all day, but an efficient use of time is still just as important and being organised will help you do this.  

Paper or online daily planners can be a good way to plan using lists which give you goals to work through each day and each week.

3.     Ensure great communication is achieved both internally, and externally with customers via your website and social media channels

It’s more important than ever before to effectively communicate given that face to face contact is not a given. There are many tools available to help with effective communication both internally and externally.

Internal communication can be improved via videoconferencing software such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. When used correctly, online meetings can actually be more effective and concise than in-person meetings that seem to drag!

Externally, having a great website and active social media platforms really puts you ahead of competitors when trying to communicate with new and existing customers. Remember to keep information up to date, and content shared regularly. An inactive or outdated online presence can be worse than no online presence. If you need help with an outstanding website for your business or support with social media management, we can help.

4.     Comfort and Environment

A comfortable and organised workspace is key to working effectively at home. Even if you don’t have a dedicated ‘office’ it is still possible to create an area which allows for the set-up you require. Whether your space is in a standalone room, or the corner of a room, be sure to make it a place you want to be.

The correct lighting is important, as is a comfortable chair and surface large enough to allow for your computer or laptop as well as space for laying out materials as required. 

Why not also add some of your favourite house plants or artwork to the walls to make the space a place that you enjoy being. It’s got to be better than staring at office blinds and steel filing cabinets all day! Roll on creativity.

If we can help with your communication platforms to make home working more effective for your business, get in touch with our team today.

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