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Introducing our New Service: The Digital Business Card

By Marketing Team
Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Introducing our New Service: The Digital Business Card

We have been busy working hard behind the scenes on this new service since the start of the year!  We are very excited for you all to finally have access to this new modern service. 


So tell me, what is a digital business card?

A digital business card is an alternative to paper business cards.  It can be created via our user friendly platform on any of your electronic devices.  It can be easily edited and customised to make sure it suits you and your business!

What you include is completely up to you!  Alongside standard contact information you can customise your digital card with a profile photo, logo, social media links and much more.  The digital business card we are offering you is unique to any other – why?  When creating your digital business card through Bull Solutions you receive the unique feature of a QR code.  The QR code is the cherry on top of this service – all someone has to do is scan your QR code and you are then added to their contact list!


Why you should go digital with your business cards

There are multiple reasons why everyone here at Bull believe digital business cards are the future – here are some of the key benefits of going digital: 


Did you know that over 90% of paper business cards are thrown away within a week of receiving them? They really are not the most sustainable way of exchanging contact details. If everyone decided to go digital with their business cards, over 7 million trees would be saved each year!


We all carry our mobile phones with us wherever we go which is great because it means you will always have access to your digital business card.  Say goodbye to worrying whether you card supply is low or if you have remembered to pack them in your handbag.  As long as you have an electronic device with you, you can share your digital business card with whoever you wish!  Something that can be frustrating with paper business cards is when you change job roles or contact details – these are costly edits with paper business cards but not with digital cards – edits are easy to make and are not costly!


Creating a digital business card with Bull can be done for a fraction of the price of printing cards.  For your money you are getting a unique personalised business card that includes your branding colours, logo and QR code.  Additional to this, if you want everyone in your business to go digital with their business cards you can contact us for bulk buying discounts!


Virtual networking and online meetings have become the norm for us all now – this makes it the perfect time to invest in a digital business card.  Your digital business cards can be shared with anyone anywhere in the world – making your networking possibilities endless! The sending options are limitless, why not add the QR code to your video call background? Have the QR code printed onto stickers and have them around your workspace/office.  Here at Bull, we all have our digital business card links in our email signatures.  We hope that eventually in-person business events will resume, in no way does this mean your digital business card will become useless – we know they will be sticking around because they are germ-free and require no physical contact. 

Increased Follow-Ups

As touched upon before, paper business cards are often thrown away or pushed away to the back of a drawer and forgotten about.  When you make the small investment into our digital business card you are being added directly to people’s contact lists.  You are opening so many doors for your business as you are becoming people’s first point of call due to the easy access to your contact details.


Tempted to go digital?  Find out how you can create your card today

We have worked hard to make sure the creation of the digital business cards is as simple as can be.  All you need to do is click here to be taken to our digital business card builder.  There is no need to go to a graphic designer to make this card perfect for you! We have done all the work for you, all you need to do is personalise.  Head over to our social media accounts to see tips and tricks and examples of digital business cards!

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