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How to Communicate Online During a Pandemic

By Marketing Team
Friday, December 11, 2020


There are so many ways to stay in touch with customers and loved ones this year when your options for a face-to-face meet up are limited.

Here we look at some of the ways in which you can ‘reach out’ online whether it’s in a personal capacity or for business purposes.


Avoid becoming isolated in isolation


There are so many apps available to help you stay in touch with loved ones this year. It’s really important for mental health that we stay connected and do everything we can to be there for those we know might be feeling lonely – especially at this time of year.

  • House Party – a nifty little app that allows you to create a room and invite your friends to chat and play games. You can also hijack a room if you see some friends online and join in on the conversation!
  • Zoom – a bit more for business, but being used regularly by families who want an easy and free interface to chat. You can get 40 minutes for free if you’re chatting to more than one user.
  • WhatsApp – are you saving up those phone call minutes? You can make video calls or voice calls over WhatsApp if you’re connected to data or internet.

Your doors might be closed but your shop window is always open


Here at Bull Marketing Solutions, we take pride in being able to provide clients with an excellent online ‘shop window’ in the form of a website. You may have had to close the doors of your café or gift shop for a while, but there is always hope in the form of an online solution.

  • Consider takeaway or deliveries – if you’re a food business, it might be an excellent way to develop your offering. There are lots of businesses taking online orders for collection from the shop so save on queuing and reducing the amount of people needing to come in. Take a look at Harts Bakery in Bristol who do this really well.
  • Consider moving your gift shop online – there are lots of online shopping solutions available and they’re easy to manage. Even when you are open, having your shop online too can open you up to even more potential customers perhaps further afield than your local area.

Communication through marketing tools as a way to stay in touch


It’s all very well having a website, but how do you get people to visit and draw attention to it? There are some simple ways to tackle this that are at your fingertips.

  • Social media – a really exciting space to talk about your offer and many different channels that might need to be assessed in terms of suitability to your business style. If you’re a very visual brand then Instagram might be the channel for you with opportunities to share lots of images. Or you might be a healthcare brand that’s less about art and more about science, so Twitter might be a better space for you to engage with.
  • Email marketing – have you got a GDPR friendly database that is waiting to hear from you? Perhaps they are previous customers who haven’t heard from you in a while? Now might be the time to investigate free email marketing tools to help you create a regular newsletter, offers or events that you have coming up. You could even use your website to build this database further.


For further tips on how to stay connected and better communicate during this tricky time, drop us a message on social or contact us here.

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