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Direct From the Designer's Mouth - Steph's Design Review of 2016

By Steph Rowles
Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Direct From the Designers Mouth - Steph's Design Review of 2016

2016 was a great year for Bull Solutions allowing me to work on a real variety of projects for clients who clearly love their business. After looking back over the year, here are some of my highlights...

Pen-Y-Bont Health

Pen-Y-Bont Health, a cluster of 6 GP surgeries in Bridgend, needed a brand new logo and a website for their Health Information Hub. It was important for the logo to represent health, community, trust and professionalism. The outcome was a blue logo using a clear sans serif font giving it the professional feel PYB Health requested. We also included a symbol representing the 6 surgeries in the cluster, conveying a sense of community. 

As an online source of information for patients the website had to be clear and easy to navigate. Meeting with some of the GPs directly was a great opportunity to discuss ideas and for me to see their vision for the Hub. We kept the website stripped back using the blue brand colours and a lot of white. We added a secondary palette of 6 bright colours that help to identify different sections of the website and also add a splash of colour, making the website bright, fresh, welcoming and clear and easy for patients to use.

Bull also worked on all the marketing materials for the launch of the website and the bright colour palette combined with the blue really made them stand out! This was a great project to work on and resulted in an excellent online resource that is updated regularly and that people can access instantly for help and advice.

Nanny Kate

Nanny Kate’s logo and website was another great project to work on and something completely different again to give me a challenge! The brief was to create a logo for ‘Nanny Kate’, a Norland trained Nanny with a wealth of experience. Kate wanted a clear, bold logo with an eye-catching element that wasn’t too twee or childlike. The final logo is a bold blue box using a very modern sans serif font in white but picking out the ‘K’ in a vibrant green handwritten font. Adding this element gives the logo the eye-catching detail Kate was looking for as well as giving the logo a personal feel.

Kate was looking for a very modern website to present her services as a Nanny and to show her years of experience. Starting with the blue and vibrant green we created the modern feel Kate wanted by using simple blocks of colour combined with large high quality imagery. We used a range of professional photographs of Kate as well as beautiful photographs of children, which really highlight the caring and compassionate side to Kate’s business. Video testimonials were also added to the homepage as this was an element Kate was very keen to use alongside simple icons for people to instantly access different areas of the website.

This combination of bold colours and stripped back design gives Kate the logo and website she wanted and a brand that really stands out.

Christian Cruttenden - Total Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach Christian had a logo he felt had become dated so wanted a modern new look. The brief was to design a logo for ‘CC Total Fitness’, keeping it light, fresh and appealing to both men and women. Keeping the distinctive green of the original branding, the new logo now incorporates a symbol using the CC of Christians name combined with a very modern geometric font. This new logo is primarily green and white giving it the fresh, light feel Christian wanted. Keeping the green makes it recognizable to current costumers and being such a great colour, makes it really stand out to potential ones too! Christian was delighted with the outcome and is proudly showing off his new logo on a range of gym clothing!

Looking ahead to the New Year there are some exciting trends in graphic design that I’m excited about using in future projects. One that stands out is animated GIFs, simple and eye-catching these are great marketing tools already used extensively on social media but because GIFs are small and display the same as regular images they can easily be incorporated into websites adding visual interest, making your business really stand out.

Another popular trend that we will see more of in 2017 are hand drawn illustrations, which are great for adding a personal element to your design. Simple and effective they can be used in a huge range of situations, and are becoming increasingly popular in whiteboard videos.

I’m looking forward to incorporating these trends and many others into new projects this year and working with clients who love their business!

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