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Did you know Bull Marketing Solutions is an Activ Franchise?

By Marketing Team
Friday, December 18, 2020


Sometimes, the beauty of a franchise is not realising that they’re part of something bigger. Bull Marketing Solutions is part of the Activ national marketing franchise group which give us huge benefits that we’re able to pass on to our lovely clients!

Since starting out in 2014, Bull has been lucky enough to see some exciting success and changes with director, Katie Bullon at the helm. Remember the news about Sizzle in 2017? Not to mention all of the amazing clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the last 6 years.

Things are about to get really exciting for Katie and the team. We’re not able to share the news just yet, but it’s big and 2021 is set to be one of the best years yet!

Ahead of us sharing this news, we thought we’d highlight some of the top reasons why working with a franchise can get you bang for your buck.

Up to date marketing know-how – being part of a bigger group means that there are a huge number of marketing professionals in constant contact with each other. You can guarantee someone will be able to help with even the most mind-boggling technical questions you might have! Plus, our Franchise head office stay up to date with all the latest marketing tips and tricks, meaning our customer’s activity stays current and fresh.

24/7 support desk for our clients – imagine that feeling seeing your website go down overnight and you have no idea what to do to fix it. Our 24/7 service means someone is always on hand to fix it urgently, no matter the time of day. As our client you NEVER have to deal with a hosting call centre or faceless ticket system. Bliss!

Bespoke development capabilities – if you want it, we can build it! Whatever your weird and wonderful requests might be, we have endless solutions to get you online. Plus, we have cost efficiencies in place via head office which means we always remain competitively priced and offer value for money for our clients.

Cost efficiencies on hosting and other associated service – being part of a larger team means we have stronger buying power and access to great pricing that we can pass on to our clients, so you don’t have to pay through the nose for it.

Long standing SEO expertise at head office – we won’t just build you a website and leave you to it. Search engine optimisation can serve to ensure your website keeps growing and traffic increases when you need it most. Our experts are on hand with this and many other services as and when you need them.

So, there you have it, now you know (if you didn’t already). We look forward to sharing an exciting update in the new year – until then – stay in touch and take advantage of our franchise benefits!

If you want to know more about Activ and their franchising opportunity, get in touch with Katie Bullon directly. 

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