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Bull Solutions’ SEO for Dummy’s! Our top 6 tips to ensure your SEO activity is effective.

By SEO Team
Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Bull Solutions’ SEO for Dummy’s!

Our top 6 tips to ensure your SEO activity is effective

As much as a derogatory term this may sound, our very own ‘SEO for Dummy’s’ article has been written by our SEO team in the aim of simplifying the complex beast that is SEO. Read our top 6 tips to follow to ensure your SEO activity is effective.

We understand some of you have a more detailed understanding of the processes and strategy behind our SEO work, but we thought now would be a good time to provide a recap as well as a starting point for those who may not have explored SEO for their business yet.

The following areas are vital to consider if improving your website’s search engine ranking is top of your priority list.

1.    Start with effective keyword research

There are many tools out there which can help you to research relevant keywords for your business. What you may think is a relevant search term may not generate any traffic. Likewise, there may be a host of varying keywords out there for your product and service that you may not have thought of. Take out the guess work and use a keyword research tool such as one listed here, to establish your relevant keywords. Remember, don’t just go for high traffic keywords that mean nothing. You will have to work hard to get the traffic and it will not make a difference to your business if you get it!

2.    Create off-site links

Without off site links you will have very limited traffic to your website, which in turn will affect your search engine ranking. Think: more links = more traffic = improved reputation with Google = higher Google position. The key is ensuring links are relevant and useful to your website visitors however!

3.    Create internal links between relevant content

It is also important to create links internally within your website, between relevant pages and articles. This will improve user experience and lower your bounce rate (people who click into your website on one page, and immediately click away without visiting another page). The lower the bounce rate, the better your reputation with Google, leading to improved rankings.

 4.    Create engaging content and graphics

Another point relating to lowering bounce rate. In addition to a well thought out user journey (see point 3), the key to keeping traffic on your site is engagement. If you can immediately engage users through great content, your bounce rate will in turn be lowered, which means improved rankings. Write articles and website content that is keyword rich and interesting – do not just write any old rubbish in the aim of filling your website with keywords, Google is now too wise for this! Team great content with engaging graphics and approved use images.

5. Entice traffic with engaging meta titles and description

Make people want to click your link! Fully explain your page in a clear and concise way within your meta titles and description. You will need to use clever copywriting due to small character limits. Don’t just dump keywords.

6.    Lastly, make sure the techy stuff is sorted

This is probably something your web developer will have to help you with. Make sure they’ve considered on page code, meta data and effective URLs within their build.

You can read more about our SEO services here. If you think your search engine ranking could be improved, get in touch with our experienced SEO team with no obligation. 

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