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5 Reasons Salons Should Invest In Their Marketing

By Katie Bullon
Thursday, January 10, 2019

5 reasons salons should invest in their marketing


Salon Marketing Solutions by Bull SolutionsWhen you want to boost the sales at your salon, you must have a well-crafted marketing plan in place. Whether you are a barber shop, hair salon, beauty salon or an aesthetic clinic, a good marketing strategy can work wonders for your business. Here are 5 reasons why you must invest in salon marketing for your business.

1. Style is your game, so your marketing should reflect this

As a salon, you are helping your customers look their best. Day in and day out, customers visit your salon because they want to look great.

So your branding efforts must reflect this.

This will help bring your target audience to you and also improve conversions.

2. You can’t just rely on word of mouth

Word of mouth is great, but it’s limited to the people who know about you. However, your prospective customers are far and wide, and with the online world, every user is a potential customer.

Of course, your customers are extremely loyal and they love your brand. But they are not your salespeople. They don’t know your business as well as you do.

What’s more, word of mouth, takes its own time.

Even if someone were to get a referral from a friend, family or colleague, they are still going to look you up online.

3. Clients expect efficiency

In the salon business, staying on top of your appointments is everything. Even if you have the world’s greatest receptionist, there is still a lot of organisation that goes into managing a salon. 

Do not forget that customers also have busy lives and may even forget their appointments. Consumer have come to expect things like text reminders. Add to that last-minute changes, cancellations and even new appointments.

You can bid goodbye to these worries by investing in appropriate marketing software to schedule appointments and send timely reminders.

You can even collect details about your client’s birthdays and anniversaries to send a special promotion on their special day.

4. Everyone is online

Today, everyone is online.

This provides a great opportunity for your salon.

Be sure to have an active presence on the most important social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Having the effective channels in place to communicate with your clients ensures when you have cancellations or a slot becomes available, you can fill them in quickly.

5. Up-selling is key to growing your business

Up-selling is crucial to growing your salon business.

Your customers have already experienced your services, and if they were delighted the first time, they may not hesitate to visit your salon again.

So why not up-sell to your existing clientele? This is a great way to ensure all your slots are filled.

If a customer visits your salon for a haircut, you can offer a colouring session to make them come to you again in no time. Perhaps, you can offer a make-up service the next time they are visiting a special event or a party. The ideas are endless.

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