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2021 Business Round Up

By Marketing Team
Wednesday, December 22, 2021



So, we have reached the end of 2021. For Bull as we became part of activ Marketing Group, it has been an exciting year of new faces, new services, and plenty of new clients!

The main change came at the start of the year when our founder Katie Bullon took over activ as Managing Director. Being part of a larger organisation and team has meant we have really expanded our reach this year.

As a team we have worked on huge strategic improvements; we have better technology and a bigger and more experienced team for our clients. This year, we have worked on enhanced digital support for existing clients, collectively launched over 100 new websites and brought on board 10 new strategic marketing retainers.

We think it’s important to take the time at the end of the year to look back at what has been achieved. Hard work pays off and it should be celebrated, before we re-group and head into 2022! Thank you for coming along for the ride.



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