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Assured Security of Websites and Other Platforms

Because Bull uses Activ Net Marketing software we can assure all of our customers that their website and other online platforms will be secure at all times.

Activ own and operate their end to end infrastructure, from the web development software to the infrastructure it lives on. We know that the security benefits are huge and give our customers total piece of mind that their online space is protected.

Be assured that there will be no more messing around with your website being hacked. You can rest assured that it hasn't been built on an open source platform, as so many websites out there have been.

All of our client websites will be fully backed up regularly to offsite servers, so in the event of catastrophic data loss for whatever reason, there's no need to panic! We can get you back up and running very quickly. Rest in the knowledge that we have you covered. 24/7.

Rest assured, you're in safe hands.

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