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SEO for South Wales - Affordable Packages for Smaller Businesses

At Bull we understand how important it is to get your website listed for your desired search terms within Google's organic listings and improve your google search position all the time. To put it simply, 95% of online searches are carried out using - we all know the term "I'm going to Google it". This is why it is vital for any business to work on their search engine optimisation, or SEO as it's more commonly known to improve Google search positions.

SEO invloves the use of content, links and other very technical activity to make sure a specific website appears in a better search position on Google for set search terms. If your website is not optimised for Google, you can have the best website in the world but no one will find it unless they know your exact website address.

If you want us to undertake SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your business website, we will explain this to you in easy to understand terms without the use of confusing jargon. 

Our packages are very competitively priced but really work - we know that the budget you spend on SEO must work for you or you wouldn't carry on paying for it. You can pay hundreds of pounds a month to optimise a site but we know this isn't realistic for small and medium sized businesses. So, we have tailored packages which are optimised for smaller businesses and at a price which is realistic.

The principles we use are executed worldwide on the websites of multinational organisations, they have just been scaled down for our specific customers so they are more achievable for SMEs. You don't need to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to your website, therefore your SEO doesn't need to be as complex, it just needs to be to scale for your company.

The Benefits

  • Improve your search engine ranking
  • Increase your business exposure online
  • Get more people visiting your website
  • Ensure traffic is more reliable
  • Attract those who are already looking for you - makes sense, surely?!

Monthly SEO Packages

Our monthly SEO packages are priced at £50/month, £100/month and £150/month, dependant on the amount of search terms you want the team to work on for you. To qualify for these low prices you need to sign up for a 12 month programme - this really is the best way to approach SEO however, as activity and rankings need time to improve. For example, we wouldn't reccommend simply doing a three month energizer programme as a stand alone. You would see results immediatley but these would not be sustained as your competitors activity would soon be more recent to your own.

Whilst the 3 month SEO energizer is a great way to specifically target areas that will greatly improve your websites standing on the internet, it is aimed at creating a rapid online awareness of your website which can be a perfect kick start for a new website/business, or a website which hasn't been optimised before. Once this is complete however, to maintain Google positions a monthly programme of activity should also be undertaken. 

Get Started

We are confident that our SEO offering is competitive and will really enhance your businesses online success. Contact us to talk about how we can get your SEO activity up and running immediately, and for full detail of the packages we have on offer.